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The Plain of Lucca is one of the most significant images of the Italian countryside,with its large houses, genuine country houses or villa-palaces built by merchants of Lucca in the 16th century like Villa Torrigiani in Camigliano and Villa Reale in Marlia.The varied and widespread network of the roads created for the farming community is today the source of itineraries that can be enjoyed on foot, by bike or scooter, on horseback or by car. The city of Lucca itself, enclosed by its famous walls, is a veritable jewel of medieval architecture. Its proximity to all the major art centres offers countless the opportunities for entertainment and culture: Florence is 1 hour away, Pisa 30 minutes and Siena 90 minutes.Not forgetting the spa towns of Bagni di Lucca (30 minutes) and Montecatini (20 minutes), famous for their therapeutic waters. The Versilia is one of the best known localities in Italy and abroad. The landscape is varied: 20km of beach with bathing stations and top-class service, nature parks and pinewoods, splendid countryside and large lake. Dominating the scenery is the Apuan Alps massif which is rich in marble, in the north of Versilia just kilometers from the sea. One of the most exciting times of the year is the famous Viareggio carnival.

No less interesting to discover are the itineraries of taste. While on the coast you may enjoy the typical fresh fish dishes of the Tyrrhenian Sea, in Lucca bread prevails in many recepies like the “bruschetta”, the tasty “panzanella” or the “pappa al pomodoro” served with the ubiquitous extra virgin olive oil. Garfagnana instead offers a huge variety of cereals such as the fantastic spelt, favourite Roman plate, sweet corn and beans, used in soups. The famous “necci” are obtained from chestnut flour dissolved in a little bit of water and cooked between two metal slabs and are delicious accompanied by ricotta cheese or cold cuts.

Our vacation Villa is located in Segromigno in Monte, along the wine road of the “Colline Lucchesi e Montecarlo”.

Many of these wine producers are open to the public to sell their products, especially in the nearby town of Montecarlo where farms are organized in order to offer wine tastings in the cellar to their guests