Our Philosophy

The organic farm “Il Gobbo” comes from the union of desire and possibility. The land we have has been used for centuries in the production of oil. It is reminiscent of a tradition that reflects the will to keep alive a story that tells itself in the generous green hills. Our desire is in fact to offer high quality and biological products, in respect of the land and the new demands of agricultural sustainability. All our fruits are grown and sold under the brad Bioagricert. The choice to engage in a diverse and modest cultivation reflects in every aspect our will to follow carefully the stages of production. Love and respect for nature are the foundations of our company, the opportunity to experience agriculture as development, not only of the land but also of the link between the land and its seasons.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The 1200 olive trees of the company are situated on the hills adjacent to the small villages of Segromigno in Monte and S. Peter a Marcigliano. The old trees, looked after by many farmers over time, retain the memory of an ancient tradition and today raise the possibility to obtain excellent quality olive oil without the use of manual fertilization or additional treatments.

Winner of 2023 Berlin Elite Olive Oils Global League competition
Winner of 2014 New York Olive Oil Awards competition

Acorn flour

The interest in acorns was born about three years ago when, during a walk in the company grounds with Dorotea (my Cinta Senese), we stopped under an oak. My passion for spontaneous harvesting, which has always been the protagonist of my work, combined with the enormous amount of acorns that I found under my feet resulted in a simple question: what could I do with all these fruits? Yes, because the acorn is a fruit – the fruit of the oak!